Community Resources

Community Resources

Each of our neighborhoods has a great number of assets and resources available to its residents. On this page you will find contact information for the various Community Development Corporations, City Council Representatives, as well as other Non-profit Organizations serving our community.

Our listings of Important Numbers, Parks, Pools, Schools, and Libraries are found on their own pages in this section of the site.

Community Development Corporations (CDCs)

CDCs provide a range of services meant to stabilize, revitalize or support neighborhoods.  Typical programming includes organizing, economic development, affordable housing or real estate development.  CDCs can act as intermediaries for city services and a good starting point for assistance with neighborhood issues.

Cudell Improvement, Inc.
Service area: Cudell, Edgewater

Executive Director: Anita R. Brindza
9821 Lorain Avenue Cleveland, OH 44102 216-228-4383

Detroit Shoreway Community Development Corporation
Service area: Detroit Shoreway, Clark Fulton, Stockyards, Brooklyn Centre

Executive Director: Jeff Ramsey
6516 Detroit Avenue, Suite 1 Cleveland, OH 44102

Downtown Cleveland Alliance
Service Area: Downtown Cleveland

Executive Director: Joe Marinucci
Downtown Cleveland Headquarters
Terminal Tower: 50 Public Square, Suite 825, Cleveland, OH 44113
216-736-7792, 216-621-6000 (for ambassador assistance)

Ohio City, Incorporated
Service area: Ohio City

Executive Director: Eric Wobser
2525 Market Avenue, Suite A Cleveland, OH 44113

Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation
Service area: Old Brooklyn, Brooklyn Centre

Executive Director: Robyn Sandys
3344 Broadview Road Cleveland, OH 44109

Tremont West Development Corporation
Service area: Tremont

Executive Director: Cory Riordan
2190 Professor Avenue Cleveland, OH 44113

University Circle, Inc.
Service area: University Circle

Executive Director: Chris Ronayne
10831 Magnolia Drive Cleveland, OH 44106

Westown Community Development Corporation
Service area: West Boulevard

Executive Director: Chad Dasher
10313 Lorain Avenue Cleveland, OH 44111

City Council Representatives

If you are not sure which ward you live in, please visit the City of Cleveland’s website to find both citywide and ward-specific maps.

Ward 17: Dona Brady

Council phone: 216-664-3708
Ward phone: 216-961-4999

Ward 3: Joe Cimperman

Council phone: 216-664-2691

Ward 14: Brian Cummins

Council phone: 216-664-4238

Ward 13: Kevin Kelley

Council phone: 216-664-2943
Ward phone: 216-351-7077

Ward 15: Matt Zone

Council phone: 216-664-4235
Ward Office: 216-939-1717

Ward 16: Jay Westbrook

Council phone: 216-664-4230


Additional Non-profit Organizations

This list is likely never to be comprehensive. However, we do hope to provide information for as many organizations as possible who share our goals for the downtown and near west side neighborhoods of Cleveland. If you have an organization you believe would be a good addition to our list, please email the name and URL for the organization information to so we can determine if it is appropriate to include in our listing.

Please visit these organizations’ websites to learn more about how they serve our community.

The Centers for Families and Children

May Dugan Center

Safe Families for Children