Board and Committees

Board and Committees

The Near West Family Network is a 100% volunteer organization. We look to our membership and volunteers to determine who we are, what we do, and how we can organize to benefit our neighborhoods and the people who live, work, or visit them.

Board of Directors

The NWFN Board of Directors is comprised of active residents in our community who have generously offered their time to help the organization launch, organize, and thrive. Each person’s commitment and contributions are appreciated. For more information, please contact

NWFN Board of Directors
(as of Oct. 2, 2022)

Angie Schmitt

Lindsey Polichuk

Brennan Teeter

Nichole Echo

Liz Conway

Joe Connolly

Areas of Interest

  • Advocacy: Making sure family issues are top of mind for our community leaders
  • Education: Making sure parents can make informed decisions about educational choices, and have opportunities to make their voices heard as the city and schools make plans that will affect us all.
  • Family Events: Celebrations and Parties that bring neighbors together
  • Giving Back in our Community: Finding ways to help others in neighborhood
  • Healthy Living with our Health Sponsor, Neighborhood Family Practice
  • “Meet Ups” and other informal ways to bring kids together
  • “Nights Out” and other informal ways to bring adults together

Organizational Work

  • Membership: How do we attract new members and engage with the members we have today?
  • Marketing: How do we make sure members and the general community are aware of who we are and what we do?
  • Technology: What kinds of free or inexpensive technology solutions can we use to make Near West Family Network more effective and efficient?
  • Fund Development: What kinds of fundraising do we need? How do we attract the funds we need to achieve our goals?